Winding Down

Winding Down

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Summer, I think, is officially past.
Autumn has arrived and I can’t complain because
a. it’s the middle of October
b. it’s my favorite season!


I’m in love with all things Fall.  Sweaters and blankets and the smells of soups and baked goods cozying up the house.  Pumpkins and garden harvests,  blustery days and deep blue skies varied by days of gray.

I love that summer here hangs on endlessly and then, with barely a warning, the leaves change and almost overnight Fall comes swooping in.   A few days ago, I was still harvesting watermelons from my garden!


I love sunsets and time on the porch swing- without blistering heat.  Perfect weather for yard work and prepping the chicken coop for the coming cold.

sunset porch


Misty mornings, wearing my Old Friend slippers and jeans again, I love to step out and breathe in the fresh cool air.

farm 3 farm 4

I’m in my element!


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