Why Bucks are Annoying

Why Bucks are Annoying

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My sweet Lamancha does are beautiful, intelligent, calm and elegant.

Almost regal.

Bridget and Luna are goat queens.

img_7572 img_7569-luna

They never complain and love attention.

Attention from anyone except Louis, that is.


I’m not sure why male goats were created this way, but Louis went from sweet baby boy in the spring,



to annoying buck this fall.



My poor girls try to be polite as he incessantly licks their hair, rubs his face on them, makes lewd gestures and throws his rather disgusting ‘manly’ scent around.

img_7590 img_7579

He adores them, it’s painfully obvious.

But they’re quite sick of his behavior.

See poor Bridget above, politely trying to ignore him?

Her subtle turn of the head; stretch of the neck?


It’s gone from slightly flirty to really creepy.

For some reason, the smooth creepiness of the bad guy from Crocodile Dundee II comes to mind.

Don’t ask me why.





All I know is, Louis is soon leaving for a new herd of unsuspecting does.

Maybe he’ll impress them.

Maybe he won’t.

But Luna and Bridget will be thrilled to have their hair soft and smooth again, without constant licks.

And we’ll all be extremely thankful to be rid of his stench.

My goat queens will have peace in their land once more.




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