What’s Your Home Style?

What’s Your Home Style?

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Whether you live in a city or rural community, a gated neighborhood or ranch house in the middle of nowhere, everyone has a home style.

For many years, ours was pieced-together, late-century yard sale…..but always with a down home twist. 🙂


We enjoy an agrarian lifestyle and that has definitely influenced our home’s flair.

We’re not into fancy, ornate things.  Having six children cured us of that pretty quickly.


Our driving ideals are comfort, space and light.

If pressed, I’d have a hard time narrowing our style down to one in particular.


I’d say it’s old farmhouse mingled with eclectic ranch-style, old world charm and some hobbit thrown in for good measure.

I’m all for practial and pretty, rustic and vintage…along with anything else that speaks to me.


The way that plays out here is we make do with what we have, adding an occasional quality piece when we need an item replaced or find something we can’t live without.

We also like to create things ourselves.


Mostly, we keep sentimental items, trying to avoid a lot of clutter. 


(Except for my books- I just don’t see how various bookshelves filled with delicious literature could be classified as clutter)









I like that we have a mix of styles, that our home reflects who we are and changes some throughout the years.

I love keeping family items that were passed down and teaching my children that while they may have no monetary value, they are indeed priceless.


I enjoy working on our place, having projects.

Honestly, if my house was instantly transformed into my dream house, I might get bored. 

With that said, I do keep projects in check as the thrill of the ‘new’ and ‘different’ can become rather addictive.


Instead, by focusing on practicality and what gives me joy, I tend to keep away from trends and do my own thing.






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