The Luxury of Marriage and Children

The Luxury of Marriage and Children

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Coming home from a long day at work to the following scenario:

You walk in the door- feet aching, mind tired.  Exhausted further from maneuvering through traffic on the drive home.

You’re greeted by exuberant children, all squealing, “Dad!” “Daddy!”

Hugging your legs and torso, one riding on your shoe as you shuffle through the house to say hello to your wife.


Your wife, also tired from a long day with said exuberant children, smiles and welcomes you home.

The house smells amazing and it feels good to be home.

While she finishes preparing or dishing up dinner, you talk together about the day.

She gives you feedback, cheers you on over the highs of your day, sympathizes over the lows.


You hear about the kids’ day over dinner and have casual conversation with the family, while instructing the kids on table manners, settling their disputes and such.

When dinner is finished, depending on how tired you are, you may watch tv with the family or play a game or even wrestle with the kids.


Often, getting your aching feet rubbed first by amateur, but eager kids, then finished expertly by your lovely wife.


Later, after the busyness of getting kids ready for and actually in their beds, teeth brushed, etc, you have couple time.

Perhaps laughing over a comedy on tv or a movie, or simply relaxing in bed, reading.

Talking in hushed tones, scratching one another’s back and encouraging eachother for the next busy day.




The luxury of being home and able to set your own schedule for most of the day.

No manager breathing down your neck- perhaps a few appointments and deadlines during the week, but for the most part, your day revolves around your own creative choices.


Certainly, there may be children needing attention and consolation and breakfast as well as lunch.

Not to mention many, many household chores.  It is a busy day.


But- there is also working alongside your children, who are in training and ever watching and learning.

There are also sweet read-aloud to the kids times and snuggling on the sofa.

Being called Mama.

There’s spending an afternoon at the library, encouraging their reading skills and getting a treat at the store after grocery shopping on a fine morning.

Visiting with a friend, rocking a sleepy child, planning a special or fun dinner to surprise your husband and expand the kids’ palates.


Learning- ever-learning, about child development, education, nature, cuisine, health and nutrition.  Animals and household mechanics, frugality and mindfulness.

Taking time to fulfill your spiritual side in order to share it and everything else you learn, with your family.


Greeting your husband when he arrives home, worn and tired from the long day.

Soothing the rough parts left from the grooves of his daily grind, and having him listen as you share your own.

Knowing you’re a team, knowing you have one another’s backs.


That you’re building something together.


Feeling safe as night draws in; going to bed knowing your husband is there, that his very presence allows you to sleep soundly.

Knowing he watches over you and the kids, making is possible for you to be the best mother you can be.

His protecting umbrella of care and support allows you freedoms and choices.


Watching your children grow up and, in turn, learn from life and gain wisdom.

Feeling their appreciation for your investment in their lives.

The pride, as husband and wife, of experiencing the friendship and companionship of your grown children, the deep love and admiration.

The family you created together.

The shared life memories.


There are the weekend work projects, the day trips and visiting relatives.  There’s camping together, fishing and hiking.

Exploring new places and visiting favorite spots.


Eating at the cafe you’ve been frequenting for a decade together.

Inside jokes, gentle teasing and wisdom learned from old fights.


Memories made and memories carried so deep as to be shared on a level that transcends earthly things.

Roots that have grown together, holding each other up, keeping one another grounded yet nourishing growth.


Every few years, finding a new level of marital depth.

Contentment, joy, occasional annoyances and sometimes deep struggles, messiness and laughter.


Truly, a marriage focused on creating a home and family, where you feel safe and welcome is a luxury in this world.


A condition of abundance, great ease or comfort.


Building a life together is a crazy, beautiful thing.







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