The Benefits of Beets

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Beautiful Beets.

Filled with dazzling color and amazing nutrients, beets should be high on your list of foods to enjoy.

Growing them is simple, but the rewards are in their amazing health-giving properties.


Did you know?

*The phytonutrients in beets ward off cancers and can even aid in shrinking tumors

* Beets are great for digestive/gallbladder issues, detoxifying the liver and purifying your blood

*The Betaine in beets helps protect your body from stress

*Beets can help lower your blood pressure- through both their fiber content and their naturally-occuring nitrates that become nitric oxide in your body, helping dilate your blood vessels.

*Aside from the great fiber benefits, the’re also full of Vitamins A, C, B (folate), Manganese and Potassium


I’ve also heard that people in older times used beets to help heal boils on the skin.

Grating fresh beet pulp, then placing over the boil and covering with a clean cloth bandage, the beet pulp helped draw out impurities overnight.


My great-grandmother believed in eating a rainbow of colors in the form of vegetables.

I think beets fit in that rainbow nicely.

Move aside artificial colors- beets have you beat!




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