The Addition- Complete!

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I have to admit, we’ve been simply enjoying the new family room for a while now.

While finished in March, this spring has been a busy whirlwind of family and farm projects.

Basically, I just haven’t written about it. 🙂


We LOVE the new room and the space it has opened up in our home.

The transformation is simply amazing.

I’m sure the photos can’t do it justice, but our home now has wonderful flow and the extra space helps us feel that we’re not crammed in on top of each other.


We used our furniture- most of it at least twelve years old and will probably need replaced in the next few years- perhaps a larger tv as well.

‘Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without’ still works when you’re trying to save money.


Not to mention the ‘patina’ those years have deposited on our sofas can’t just be purchased. 🙂


We also chose to go with a simple, soothing color palette and style.

We wanted this room to be relaxing and uncluttered.

We live a farm/ranch life so our home reflects that.


The lamb skin we brought home from Ireland.

The windmill top is simply a nod to my husband’s childhood, growing up in the great state of Oklahoma.

The corner chair and sofa tapestry were both purchased used…and were meant to be mine!

We went with a faux wood plank floor from Costco…and love it.

Dirt and dust rarely show and it’s up for all of our trekking in and out.

Looking back through the new opening, you see the room that used to be the family room.

It’s now our wonderfully-sized dining room.

I can’t believe we had our big ol’ family table squeezed next to the kitchen for the past four years.


It worked, don’t get me wrong, and I’m not complaining…but the difference now is SO sweet.

Having space for our large family to gather is a big part of who we are.


The Man of the House got the idea to put the two sides of our old entertainment center together and voila! it became a curio cabinet to keep family treasures and home movies safe.

He’s handy that way.

And I love him.


Out every window and door we see our farm.

The trees and shrubs we’ve cultivated, the cattle grazing in the fields.

It’s a beautiful sight.

Simple and soothing shades, thick carpet and a woodstove I’m completely in love with…this room is everything we wanted.










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