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This month, we celebrate twenty-eight years of teamwork.


Of commitment to one another.

Of promises kept and fidelity honored.

Of room to grow and change.


Of smiles and reassurances, encouragement and laughter.

Of facing really difficult times, helping one another over road blocks, rejoicing in our many blessings… and holding hands through it all.

Of working to make our relationship the safest place on earth.


We celebrate wisdom learned, differences recognized, mistakes forgiven.

Plans formed and carried out, hard work achieved.


Cherished stories, safeguarded hopes and dreams.

Investing our hearts and souls in our precious children.

Investing in one anotherIn our future.



We celebrate US.


Twenty-eight years ago, we saw something in each other.

We weathered storms and worked hard to build a life together.

Today, we enjoy the beauty of what we’ve built and are still creating.


Twenty-eight years ago, on our first date; who knew what the future would hold?

Who knew that we would grow to become so much more?


Marriage is the perfect home for two imperfect people to unite their strengths to become a whole.

To share stewardships, to ease sorrows and burdens.

To learn to love unselfishly.


 I love us.












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