Strengthening the Body

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I read a lot.

I love to glean helpful information and store it away not only for myself, but for any situation where it may help someone.

For the past six months or more, I’ve been delving into pelvic floor strength.

SO many ladies my age and older are having hysterectomies and other surgeries to correct a falling bladder or uterus.

SO many ladies.


So I’ve made it my business to study why this is becoming such a huge issue for women.

In relatively obscure places, I’ve come across info that makes sense to me.

It’s the same info, every time that rings true.


It’s not about kegels, ladies.

It’s about bad posture, too much sitting, tucking in your bottom while pulling in your abs and losing strength in your glutes.

It’s about losing your strong, natural structure.


I’ve found several articles relating to this and how to fix the problems it causes, but I’m going to send you to one link only.

I think she nails it.


Read up, my friends and educate others!



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