Stolen Squad

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While I was here, dipping my hot summer feet in the cold Pacific Ocean,

My garden went from this (about 3 weeks ago)

to this:

With a long stretch of 100 degree days, everything grew like crazy.


And while I was having fun at a petting zoo on the coast with my grandkids, even petting a cute little skunk (which was extremely soft, by the way)


The same animal over here was wreaking havoc on my farm, in the form of killing all of my chickens.

My bug-hunting squad is no more.  The little fiend killed every last one.

And they were safely penned up.

Lulu’s gone, too.

Horrified, frustrated and SO angry, it hasn’t quite sunk in, I don’t think.

I just know it’s quiet in the chickens’ yard and I don’t like it one bit.






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