Spring Cleaning- Outdoors

Spring Cleaning- Outdoors

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Lots of ’em.

Land in southern Idaho has to be constantly cultivated or you’ll have a property full of weeds.

It’s dry here, with plenty of wind.

So basically, if you don’t plant and irrigate something, Mother Nature will blow in some nice tumbleweeds or cow weeds or thistle or foxtails and plant them for you.

You name it, she has a weed for you.


Spring and fall, we are burning weeds.

Because we did a lot of work last October, we have somewhat less to burn this spring.


I didn’t take photos of my husband and brother-in-law burning the over-your-head weeds along the east field, but be assured, there were plenty.


We rake them into piles, then burn with a propane torch.



It’s incredibly gratifying to watch those things burn.  🙂

The weather was perfect, with just enough breeze to fan the flames and keep the smoke away.


And before you know it, it’s done



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