Sour Cherry Delight

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Fresh cherries straight off the tree are one of summer’s true delights.

It never ceases to amaze me- growing and harvesting nature’s bounty.

It’s both simple and miraculous.


I adore Bing and Rainier cherries.

However, I have a soft spot for sour cherries.

These bright, juicy orbs are so full of flavor, so abundant in nutrients…they seem alive.


Our tree is small but mighty.

She does her best to gift us enough cherries to create a few desserts and freeze a few as well.

Cherry cobbler, cherry dump cake, and Sour Cherry Delight.

It’s simple, it’s healthy and believe it or not, can be sugar-free.


If you like a little sweet and tart, if you like flavor that rocks your taste buds, if you like creamy cold summer desserts….this is for you. 🙂


Begin with frozen sour/pie cherries, about 3/4-1 cup.

Toss them in a food processor with about a cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Yep, cottage cheese. 🙂

Add sweetener of choice.

I’m making this sugar-free, so I added a spoonful of Truvia and about 1/2 a tsp of stevia powder. (NuNaturals brand)


Process ingredients til smooth and creamy.

At this point, it will be pink and still pretty tart.


I sort of enjoy it lighting up my taste buds.  My husband finds it too sour.

You can add more fruit (or even add frozen berries with the cherries) and more sweetener, according to your preference.


Either way, it’s delicious and a great alternative to icecream. 🙂






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