Sending out the Squad

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The Dog Days of summer….

They’re here.

Like clockwork, the Fourth of July in these parts heralds the arrival of intense heat, lazier days, constant sprinklers running and the growing season gets serious.


Along with the heat come INSECTS.

Bugs, in the form of mosquitoes and flies, ants, grasshoppers and earwigs.

The latter three in droves this particular summer, making themselves a nuisance.


I realized this morning that I hadn’t let out my squad of bug-eaters in over a week.

That’s right, my squad.

Chickens, rooster and Lulu, the turkey.

Cackling in delight, they rushed out this morning to seek and destroy tasty pests.

Along with greens to their hearts’ delight, this makes for a healthy (and crunchy?) diet.


I can’t speak for them, but I can say it gives me deep satisfaction to watch them chase after grasshoppers and scratch to uncover grubs and spiders and earwigs.

My bug-eating squad.  So much better than pesticides, I think.




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