My Favorite Color

My Favorite Color

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Green is my favorite.

I love certain shades of many colors, but wonderful green and its variety of greenness is my soul’s true color.


It may have begun with our family having more than its fair share of green-eyed people.


It felt special somehow, as a kid.


Here are just a few of the green-eyed people in the fam:



My mother told us that green eyes were rare.

In fact, it’s estimated that only about 2% of the world’s population have green eyes.

(Not to be confused with the lovely shade of hazel.)

So it’s considered the rarest eye color.


Then, of course, there was Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell; and the quest to save the green-eyed girls.

Further proof to my teenage-self that green was special.



Green is also the color I think of when I imagine my home state of Oregon.


Green, green everywhere.


And green is the perfect back drop to photos on the farm.


img_7670 img_7678 img_7680 img_7693 img_7738 img_7768

Lush, vibrant and varied….green is my color!








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