Making Progress- The Addition

Making Progress- The Addition

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We’re getting close- so close!

We’ve survived mucky wintry weather, sheets of ice and melting floods.

Snowstorms, windstorms, workers coming and going…

…and enough delays to tempt us to lose sight of our goals.


Basically, typical construction.  🙂


It’s been an exciting but messy road since January, and the end is in sight.

This, from yesterday:


And the chimney….while certainly more practical and not traditionally charming brick or stone….signifies that I shall have a wood stove once more.


I mean, there’s nothing like wood heat on a frigidly cold day and this winter seemed unusually cruel without it.


So that, my friends, is one cherished chimney saluting the Idaho sky.

(And what a sky!)


Our family room is really taking shape as we’re entering our final week of construction.

After that, we’ll be making it our own.

And that… might take some time.

I’ll post more when it’s finished.

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