Making a House a Home- Outbuildings

Making a House a Home- Outbuildings

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Outbuildings are a must on a farm.

My very own shed 🙂


We don’t actually have a garage, so other work areas and storage buildings make life a lot easier.

After completing our porch and patio, we decided to add a barn/shop to the property.

It was a lot of fun figuring out what we wanted, then seeing it come to life.



I knew of a local place that made weathervanes for cuppolas, so I stopped in to see what they had.

Short on time to have it installed, I had to find something in stock- that day.

After looking around, I thought we were gonna have to go with a traditional rooster as there wasn’t much else that interested us.


However, at the last minute, I noticed one lying against a fence.


I asked about it and they said it was special-made for a gentleman who wanted the bull weathervane from the John Wayne movie, McLintock!

They’d watched the movie, carefully copied it, and he never came to pick it up.


I showed the Man of the House and we both knew it was THE ONE.

‘Mac’ is now the sentinel over our farm.



Within an hour of going up, he got right to work showing us the direction of an incoming storm.  Pretty neat to watch!







We use these outbuildings constantly-  they’ve really added great value to our place.




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