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This is Lulu.

She’s a Broad-Breasted Bronze turkey.  (Say that five times fast!)  She’s quite the character, greeting me out front every morning in anticipation of getting fed.  She’s figured out how to fly out of her coop and now follows me around as I feed the other farm animals.  It can be a little creepy to hear her loud, uneven footsteps quickly run up behind me when I didn’t know she was there.  However, what she lacks in grace, she makes up for in personality.  I love hearing her chirps as she wanders around seeking bugs and plants to eat.

She does try my patience, though, by stealing the low-hanging plums off my tree and any other tasty morsels she may find.

She’s very innocent and exuberant and constantly hungry…much like a child.  It would seem my plan of raising our own Thanksgiving turkey may be out the window.


I guess we’ll see….




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