Learning and Growing

Learning and Growing

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The past few years have been a major trial and learning process for me.
Wanting things in life-GOOD things, striving for them and yet, still having things turn out differently or feeling as though prayers are not being answered the way we want, or that we must be doing something wrong to be experiencing all of these trials in the first place.
I have learned some important things- which is the point of all trials, right?  LEARNING and GROWING.
I have truly learned the following (even if I thought I knew it before):

*Faith and Fear cannot coexist.
*We are carefully watched over and are engraven in the palms of the Lord’s hands.
*What we think we want may not be what we need.
*If, at any time we pridefully think we know all the answers in an area of life, we will surely be made aware of our weaknesses.
* If we think our trials are difficult, remember, there are always those experiencing much more difficult things!
* At times, we may think others have it ‘all together’ when in fact, they may be experiencing deep pain or hardship.

*GO and DO, don’t sit and stew. 
* Do NOT feed the wrong wolf within you.
*Trials make us stronger.
* Happiness is a Choice.
* The Sweet, Simple things in life are the real ones.

These trials, this period of our life, have changed us.

I realized the other day how much less we have laughed over the past few years or just enjoyed simple pleasures.

We have known burdens unlike any we had known previously.
On the other hand, we have been blessed exquisitely and have felt a depth of satisfaction and love for our children and grandchildren that is amazing and has carried us through.


I have come to deeply admire those who have made it through trials and tribulations and my compassion and empathy have grown by leaps and bounds.  This is a powerful thing.


At this point in time, I can carefully say that we are now safely on the other side of a major life storm.

We have weathered it- not always well, but having learned some big lessons.
A weight is being lifted from our shoulders and we are filled with gratitude for our blessings.


Here’s to looking forward to experiencing simple pleasures once again, with a more wisened heart.
Trials are medicine which our gracious and wise physician prescribes, because we need them and he proportions the frequency and weight of them to what the case requires, let us trust in his skill and thank him for his prescription. -John Newton


Things for me to remember:

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all they ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”  (Proverbs 3: 5-6)


This has been my journey- and I’m sure always will be.

I know that as I have needs or desires or questions, I can pray and ask for an increase in faith.

” It is an upward spiral. When we ask in faith, we receive answers to our prayers.  When we receive answers to our prayers, our faith is strengthened.  With increased faith, we can receive increased blessings.” From  You Can Become Pure In Heart


“The Lord answers our prayers according to our desire and according to our faith. It is important that our desires are correct and that our faith is strong.”


To that, I will add that every answer is in the Lord’s time and is for our benefit- even though we may think we’re not receiving what we prayed for.  It is a learning process to truly TRUST IN THE LORD….and He knows best!


Authentic Life Jess



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