Kitchen Update

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Adding on a family room really opened up our home

and allowed us to expand our kitchen into our old dining space.

With simple changes…and I mean simple, we were able to transform our kitchen work space- making the entire room much more family-friendly.


If you recall the before post I wrote about our kitchen, we were a little small on space.

We are a family who likes to cook and working around one another in this space was a little too cozy.

We updated things here and there and repainted twice…but it still lacked adequate space.


With our new addition opening up our old dining space, we planned to expand the kitchen.

However, we didn’t want to spend a lot; in fact, The Man of the House was perfectly fine just leaving the kitchen as it was and not spending anything.


I was with him on the frugality front….but determined to brainstorm how to make a difference on a dime.


Thinking that if we switched out our solid island for a more open concept to visually enlarge the room, I searched Craigslist for six months, looking for a sturdy, narrow table.

It seemed impossible, based on the dimensions I wanted, so I looked at plans to build one ourselves, but with so many farm projects on our hands, I knew it might be a while before we could get to that.


Finally, one day, I found a suitable table. Solid oak and $100.

At dining table height, it wasn’t quite what we wanted for an island, so we decided to add locking casters that we already had in our shop.

This raised it enough and gave us the option of rolling it out of the way or other special use during the holidays.


I’m still deciding whether I want to paint the legs and frame or leave them as is.


In order to utilize more work space, we moved our old kitchen island further out and turned it perpendicular to the kitchen.


(Ignore the somewhat crooked photos on the far wall….a family lives here.)

We really love having multiple work stations as well as space for visitors to sit and chat while we cook.


Whether we’re fixing up garden veggies in summer or have soup simmering on the stove in winter, the look and feel we wanted- no matter the season- was homey.


Remember, all of this was done with a little elbow grease, using what we already had around the place and a $100 Craigslist table.

Perhaps not Fixer Upper  worthy, but certainly not too shabby.  And most importantly, we love it!  🙂


A little Before and After:

First, small changes-

Then the bigger stuff-

The day we bought it and today:

During the transition of moving into the new family room:

It feels like home. 🙂










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