High Summer

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The dog days of summer are drifting into end-of-summer weather.

The mellow culmination of growing gardens, blooming flowers and pastures turning hay.


The onion, alfalfa and mint fields releasing their fragrances into the evening air.

(Sometimes the dairies, too…just to be honest.)


It’s a glorious time of the year.


Sunflowers are reaching for the sky


Tomatoes are towering above my head



and my plum tree is drooping with ripening plums.


My garden fence is wilting under the weight of those juicy orbs.

(Jam jars are standing at attention, awaiting orders)



Black-eyed Susans are saluting Gadiolas, who’ve added their beauty to my grasshopper-infested flowerbeds.


Weeds are simply everywhere, but I can’t really muster any annoyance.

I’m just soaking in the slightly cooler weather and the fullness that is high summer.





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