Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are in!

My favorite time of summer, when gardens are reaching their peak.

Honestly, I’ve been rather lazy with mine since July.  Weeds have shot up everywhere and I find myself maneuvering through to get to my vegetables.

I throw enormous cucumbers and zucchini to my chickens over the fence (their yard is adjacent to my fenced garden) and haul others to our pig.

I love how garden overflow goes to nourishing the animals.


IMG_5851 IMG_5711


Typically, Archie follows me everywhere, getting into trouble. The hens, used to his antics since he was a tiny kitten; tell him to run along and play.




He’s fascinated by my tomatoes, as well.





I don’t blame him- they’re gorgeous!  My plan with the upcoming beauties?  To make homemade spaghetti sauce using this. 

When winter comes, we still enjoy the goodness of summer.


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