Farm Happenings

Farm Happenings


It may be the snowiest winter in thirty years, but we’re keeping busy.


Busy in the form of babies born-

This is Rooster, our second calf of the year.

Half Hereford, half Black Angus, he was so beautiful when born, I was sure ‘he’ was a ‘she’…but he’s all boy.

He carries a lot more of the Hereford red mixed in with his black fur.


Our calves’ names seem to have a western theme this season.

Rooster, of course, for Rooster Cogburn from True Grit.

(From the original film, my husband clarifies.)


Our pig ended his days here, having lived a content, piggy life.

He’s provided us with tasty sausage, bacon and other meats, for which we are grateful.

Our freezer is full and I feel good knowing my family is eating healthy, homegrown pork.


In the midst of mounds of snow and ice, we have also been so blessed to begin our family room addition.

Three-plus years of pondering this change, making pros and cons lists, putting the idea away, then pulling it out again….and now it’s actually happening.

Really happening!

(Still pinching myself.)

More updates to come on that soon.

Our snow is melting, the sun is out today and spring is just around the corner.  I can feel it!


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  1. Joan anderson

    Wow busy times out there. The new addition is coming along. And what a beautiful calf.

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