Growing up in rural Oregon, I took country-living for granted.  As a teen I longed for city-life, which I imagined must be exciting and so much better than the meadows, trees, rivers and wildlife I saw every day.

Fast forward a few years and my perspective changed completely.  I missed the peace and pace of rural living.  My husband and I both grew up in the country and knew we wanted our children to experience it as well.


We made it our goal and one way or another, we’ve managed to do so.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t had our own complaining teens, who’ve expressed their desire to live in the city; but we’ve simply smiled and agreed that when grown, they could choose to do so.

Their formative years spent working and playing outdoors will serve them well wherever they choose to live.


Moving around the Western US, we’ve lived in a variety of locations and I’ve grown to appreciate the beauty of mountains, valleys and deserts.


While work neccessitates living in certain locations for most people, you can create a homestead virtually anywhere.

Whether your ‘back forty’ is your apartment balcony, your back yard, a quarter acre city lot, or a large farm….it’s your perspective that counts.


It’s about putting the Home in your stead.

Caring for and nurturing vegetables, flowers, shrubs and animals; I believe this makes us better people.

It’s proven to uplift the spirit and working to care for something other than ourselves cultivates our humanity.

It’s good for the soul.



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