Eating Real


The simplicity and flavor of homegrown food just can’t be beat.


Freshly picked crookneck squash, swiss chard, cilantro,

onion and farm fresh eggs.

Add a little garlic, salt and pepper, and you have

a delicious, nutrient-rich summer breakfast.

Eating foods I grew and eggs my happy chickens provide is incredibly satisfying.


I think of my ancestors and how pleased they might be that in this modern world of packaged foods and people who are often, “digging their graves with their teeth,” I’m striving to swim against the current.



Good, healthy, REAL foods.

Natural colors and flavors.


I’m continually shocked by the sheer amount of salt and high fructose corn syrup in packaged snacks.

(I can’t really call them foods.)

How can children learn to appreciate real flavors when they are trained to think those snacks are the real deal?

Salty, Sweet and Cheesy. The only flavors many children are raised on.


Let’s teach our children to know and eat foods from the garden.

It’s not always easy, I know- I have six children of my own.

And I’m certainly not a perfectionist or above enjoying my favorite peanut M&M’s or a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough now and then.

Come on, I’m human.

But laying the foundation of ‘we eat real foods’ is truly important.


Special desserts, in moderation, can be made without guilt and with healthy ingredients:

Fruits, honey, oats, freshly ground whole grains.

Young children love to help in the garden and orchard (particularly harvesting the vegetables or picking fruit) and will often eat things they proudly helped grow.

Kids of all ages should be helping in the kitchen, learning food prep and cooking skills.


Let’s train their palates, their tongues and noses, eyes and ears- their ‘four doors of perception’ to appreciate real food.


Let’s practice the rule of 90/10 or 80/20.

Mostly authentic, healthy meals. Small percentage of ‘junk’ and packaged foods or desserts.


Let’s have healthy families, shall we? 🙂





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