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There they are- those pesky lines deepening around my eyes.

Slight vision changes- just enough to be incredibly annoying.

My knee that creaks and muscles that ache when they used to bounce back with ease from major physical exertion.

(I packed around six heavy babies and toddlers, ya’ll, among a host of other physical labors.)


I asked my friends the other day to please give me a list of benefits that come with aging….they all said ‘wisdom,’ ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience.’

We laughed.


‘Cause mid-forties can make you quake a bit in your boots.

Darn these birthdays that have to come around annually and remind us that we’re getting older.


Wiser? I hope so.  More experienced? Yes.


Add to that list:

I’m not nearly as opinionated as I used to be.

I’m not nearly as driven to accomplish just for the sake of accomplishing.

Feeling the urge to let go of old, unwanted ‘stuff’ both temporally and spiritually.

A desire to be myself, not worrying about what others think. (Because I’ve spent most of a lifetime doing just that.)

Releasing old fears.

Renewed gratitude every day for my blessings.

A deeper sense of reverence over the beauty of life and the time we’re given.


And guess what?

My great friend reminded me that I’m not getting older,  I’ve reached LEVEL 45. 

Each year, another level.

How cool is that?!


Mid-forties Jess, listen up– take my advice for the coming years:

*Don’t forget to laugh and be silly.

*Keep dreaming!

*Trust fully, don’t fear.

*Just sit and visit more!








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